Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bastion with Moat WIP 4

I'm struggling to find words to describe how awesome this project has been coming out.  I have to thank Admiral Drax over at who posed the question of why there are no moats in 40K.  There was a spirited discussion, links to pictures and a good time was had by all.  I decided that I had to try and make something work, plus it sounded like a fun piece of terrain to build.

I mean from here it looks pretty good.  Check out the razor wire!

Let's zoom out a bit.
As if the difficult terrain and defense line wasn't enough, now the attackers have to face razor wire as they charge into snap fire from the entrenched defenders.  And it hey get over the defense line, it's straight into the guns of the bastion!

And someone said moats were useless in 40K....

The foam has two coats of house paint, sand and then a wash and some drybrushing.

The bastion was primed black, and got a bit of a grey misting.  Then it was subjected to a sloppily applied wetbrushing of a red-brown.  While that was still wet, a mist of a black wash was sprayed over the whole bastion.  It was then misted with a bit of brown red wash and allowed to dry.  I can't be more pleased with how it has come out.

The boards and waterline of the bastion were painted a brick red, and subjected to some of the washes, while the trench was given a nice coat of the red-brown mix

 some boltgun on the heavy bolters (they pull those inside for maintenace daily)  and a grey drybrush on some imperial eagles and it it looks pretty darn awesome for a piece of terrain.

Just wait till I pour some "Realistic Water" into the "moat"

Hope you enjoyed the update!


  1. Enjoyed and drooled over! Very frikken cool sir. bravo. Will the water effect be any certain colour as though the red dirt about the place has murked it some?

    1. I'm thinking that the water should pull enough color from the base and sides that I won't need to dye it so much, but I might put a little bit in it like the murkyness is flowing from the bastion. It will be my first time using it so anything is an adventure!

  2. I really dig how that's turned out - looks absolutely awesome, man!

  3. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    I am so impressed - not least by the speed with which you've thrown this together!

  4. Seriously: I haven't even been able to get my toy soldiers out since posting that original thought!

  5. Thanks Guys, Hopefully I can get a game in on it next weekend.

  6. I want one.........

  7. Awesome paint job! all in all that is really cool.