Wednesday, December 05, 2012

District 11 and a Ruined Manufactorum (side by side)

Just as I finish "District 11" a vile xenos horde appears to have occupied the old ruined manufactorum next door.  The Medusans are called in again to clear the filthy Eldar from the once proud Ad-Mech facility.   You can see I sacrificed a third of the board to ensure there was enough space between the manufactorum and any buildings on the next tile.  Plenty of room to drive a Leman Russ or even a Land Raider through.

 That's a lot of Eldar!

 Notice the penal legion walks in front of the tanks.  Mine detectors are expensive you know...
 The stormtroopers had to spread out over 3 levels.
 The "counts as ratlings" Hive Rats are back and so is the Vet Squad "Work Crew 31" sneaking along the side of the buildings.
 Here are those former miners and factory workers...  I wonder if they knew about this shortcut because some of them used to live or work here?

Well, what do you think?


  1. Those really look great!

  2. I think you're mistreating those penal legionnaires, that's what I think! Heh!

    Looks great sir. Hope that clear space doesn't create too much of a shooting alley during games tho.

  3. Thanks guys,

    I'm not too worried about the shooting lanes, I'm really striving for a balance of difficult/dangerous and clear terrain.

    If you had a mech heavy army, you'd want places to move your little plastic tanks.

    Oh, and next up is a blasted forest for opposite the bastion.

  4. Looking top notch Kevin!

  5. Fantastic! I'm so very, very impressed by this...

  6. Not only do I love the Penal Legion, the scenery makes me drool......

    And I wouldn't worry too much about fire lanes and that, I once played on a 6'x4' board with 22 pieces of forest area terrain. And all of them were mysterious. Well the only thing it affected was decisions on deep striking really, so I'll bet your board will be awesome to play on when it's finished.

    1. Well, I once played on a city board where only the roads were clear terrain. And they weren't all that big. The difficult terrain claimed enemy vehicles, plenty of my eldar jetbikes, and pretty much made the game a shooting match with infantry stuggling to move forward. Did I mention it was the table quarters setup?

      The great thing is that I've made all these mistakes before, so no I don't have to make them again!

  7. Very impressive :)