Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Scouts Out!" A Raven Guard Land Speeder Storm WIP

Just me again with some Raven Guard conversion work in progress.  I fell in love with this model when it came out and have been building an army around two of them so I could use them in games.  (Although I would have loved it they'd just let Space Wolves have them)  The first one I built with the option to remove the scouts.  After seeing all of the awesome disembarking Scouts from Land Speeder Storms on Cool Mini or Not and other places, I just had to make a playable version of it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Terrain Project

So, I have offered to help a friend build some terrain so he can play 40K at his house and have a nice battlefield.  However, I need to figure out how much and what sort of terrain we can build quickly and easily in an afternoon.

We will be using some 1" foam insulation to make some hills and I have a foam cutter to help speed that process.  I also have a small mysterious woods and an Imperial Statue finished.  They are pictured below.

What I am thinking is that we should build themed sets of terrain, like a set of ruins, an ore processing plant, maybe a bunker or two and some craters.

Anyone got some good ideas on sets of terrain?

Should we build a Chaos Shrine?

Make some area terrain like GW's battlescape?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drop Pods and Space Wolves

I had a great game at the FLGS today with Dave from Jack's Painting and not just because I won.  Ragnar did OK, but died quite quicky especially after an evil psyker witch of the Ultramarines made him reroll all of his successful saves.

I brought 5 Drop pods and a total of 51 3+ saves plus 5 Wolf Scouts.  The big stars of the fight were the Storm Shield carrying Wolf Guard Pack Leaders and Lukas the Trickster and his "cloak of reroll successful to hit rolls".  At 140 points, its a gamble putting him up front, but his cloak really adds some durability.
I was hoping for interseting water, but it was just "calm waters"

Dave had two Drop pods and put his command squad right on the center objective.  I was disappointed in my shooting effects having two full squads shoot at them and I don't think I killed one.

I learned from previous games and kept my dispersion, but got lucky around turn 3 or 4 when the Plasma Cannon bit its owner and that threat was minimized.

The shooty Wolf Scouts did good but I don't expect they will always be that lucky.  Acute Senses and Behind Enemy Lines virtually ensures you will get to choose where they will come in at.

Artifacer Armour on the Space Marine Captain was VERY effective.

I do wonder how my opponents will try and counter my all drop pod deployment.  If they make me go first, I can either drop in front of the objectives and use my pods as cover, or deploy on board and send the pods down empty.  It's kinda cheesy way to get cover but might be effective.  I think the best defense might be to spread the objectives out and try to make me spread out my forces.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Raven Guard Land Raider "Daikon" (updated)

When it rains it pours around here.  Here's another update on my Raven Guard. 

I had originally started paining a large Raven Guard symbol on the top of this Land Raider, but It wasn't as striking as I wanted.  And to be honest, I was beginning to think it was going to be impossible for me to make look good.  However, I did see an awesome Raven Guard banner over at deviantart by an artist named "40-kun".  At first my plan was just to use the Raven, but the Raven and Sword was too powerful not to use.

I printed out the banner on a full size 8.5x11 page and carefully cut out the part I wanted and pasted it to a piece of mat board I had lying around.  After that, with some judicious cuts I was able to form it to the vehicle and superglue it in place.  I like how the white edging looks, but am open to suggestions.

-Paint the sword solid white or another color
-Paint the red stripe on the vehicle
-Add a smaller sword or two

Here's where I got it from.


I've tried some of the options, so you can see them.

I'm liking how it is turning out.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Helion - now with 100% more Base.

 Just a few pics of the finalized Sgt Helion (counts as Scout Sgt Telion in my Raven Guard)

 He's been touched up, based and dull coated.

 I think I may buy another one just to see if I can ever get close to Ron's at From The Warp.  Damn, his makes mine look like poop...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raven Guard Scout Sergeant Helion

There hasn't been much reporting on my Raven Guard project since the release of 6th edition, because I have been focusing mostly on my other armies that were ready to play but needed some tweaks.  I have also noticed that a lot of people come by to look at my Raven Guard Scout Color Schemes post.  So here is some more Raven Guard Scout content:

I picked up the Sgt Telion model a while back, and with some scraping and judicious placing of Forgeworld brass etch, I was able to draft him in my Raven Guard army.  Don't ask me about how he will fit in the list yet.  I was just having some fun painting this characterful model.  He looks great from 12-18 inches but as the photos show, I'm still not in the running for a Golden Demon.

He has the same camo undersuit as the rest of my scouts wear, but his cloak I made two sided and did the inside in a nice urban pattern.

The brass etch on his forearm and weapon were quite difficult to get just right, and I think i'm going to settle for the "dirty" look they have.

I do see a few things in the pictures I'll have to touch up, but overall I'm pretty happy with how he came out.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ragnar Blackmane Conversion WIP 2

I put my brush in some paint and got some color onto my Ragnar Blackmane Conversion.  I'm keeping this as a work in progress, because although he is pretty good for tabletop quality, I'm not sure I'm happy with him yet.  I also ran out of Badab Black during the painting of him, so hopefully I'll get some soon.  And Dave, you'll be getting a nice and close look at him next week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wolf Guard Weapon Choices

I have over a dozen Wolf Guard in power armor and have spent the last few days swapping arms and scouring the codex and rulebook for fun and effective combinations.  The majority of the time these guys exist to serve as Squad Leaders for my Grey Hunters, Wolf Scouts, and Blood Claws.  Though they all have very different weapon configurations, they do fall into a few broadly defined roles.  I've taken some quick group shots of these guys and you can see that I have some repainting to do.

Role 1: Hit them in the face and live

These guys are there to either get in melee and rack up a body count, or to convince the enemy that they shouldn't issue a challenge. Their storm shields give them a chance against almost all enemies.
  • Power Sword and Storm Shield x 2
  • Power Axe and Storm Shield x 2

Role 2: Hit them in the face and hope.

While they might strike before or at the same time with many enemies, characters and fast creatures can kill these expensive guys before they get to strike at all.
  • Thunder Hammer and Wolf Claw (Yes they are both Specialist, so he gets +1 attack for two weapons and each round can go at Initiative 4 and reroll hits or wounds, or go at Initiative 1 with Str 8 and Concussive.)
  • 2 x Wolf Claws x2

Role 3: Keeping it cheap.

 These guys avoid lots of special weapons but still bring some punch.
  • Power Sword and Bolt Pistol
  • Power Axe and Bolt Pistol
  • CCW and Bolt Pistol, Mark of Wulfen

Role 4: I Will Survive.

These guys bring firepower with a combi weapon that matches the weapon carried by the squad, and survivability with a Storm Shield, but don't have an offensive melee punch.
  • Combi-Plasma and Storm Shield
  • Combi-Melta and Storm Shield
  • Combi-Flamer and Storm Shield

Role 5: Offensive.

These guys bring both Close Combat and Shooting offensive power, but don't benefit from extra attacks or invulnerable saves.  They work best when an independent character has also joined the unit.
  • Combi-Plasma and Power Axe
  • Combi-Melta and Power Sword
  • Combi-Flamer and Power Sword
  • Combi-Flamer and PowerAxe
Comments welcome.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Space Wolf Squads and Challenges

I’ve played a few games now with my Space Wolves, and I’ve had some bad luck when it comes to Challenges.  I’ve also had one incredible round of good luck, but that isn’t what I’m talking about here.

Space Wolves have some great options when it comes to Challenges, but first let’s look at a few reasons to challenge.

1.        A single model unit, maybe even a monstrous creature wants to take out the leader and stay in combat a bit longer.  This is often the case if the leader of the unit looks like he will be unable to harm the challenger or there is more dangerous stuff hidden in the unit, like a Power Fist.

2.       A smaller unit attacks a much larger one, giving the opposing squad leader a few rerolls is worth it to even the odds.

3.       The initiative bias.  If the challenger has a higher initiative, he can kill his opponent before he strikes back.

4.       Reducing the damage that the enemy character can do.  There might be no chance your sergeant can win against the demon prince, but by sacrificing his one wound, he gives time to get a character into the fight that has a better chance of winning.

Now normally in my Space Wolves I had most of my Wolf Guard Leaders with a Power Fist and a Combi-Weapon the same as the squad he led carried.  This made sense in 5th Edition, since the Combi-Weapon and Power Fist both disallowed extra attacks.

In my 6th edition games, this has worked out poorly.  The combination of Initiative 1 and no invulnerable save makes it hard to survive against many would be challengers.  My Wolf Priest with his Str6 AP4 Power Maul and a 4+ Invulnerable save has done well, but wasn’t overwhelming with 2 base attacks.

In order to take the burden off of some of my independent characters, I am arming a few of my Wolf Guard with a Combi-Weapon and Storm Shield.  Yes it is expensive.  But it gives them a durability to survive a challenge.  I have one each with a Power Sword and Power Axe and Storm Shield.  The Power Axe is an inexpensive way to threaten terminators, and against many challengers, the loss of initiative is a moot point.  I may change a few more to the close combat role, with no ranged weapons, except for Grenades.

I have also painted up Lukas the Trickster, and I am thinking that in 6th edition, putting him at the front of a group of blood claws should be effective.  I can’t wait till he gets to challenge someone.

Lastly, Grey Hunters and Blood Claws both get to take Power Weapons and Power Fists in their squads, while not being on a character like a Sergeant.  This means if you refuse a challenge, or there is no Wolf Guard Leader remaining, you have a special weapon that can only be targeted by precision hits or if you put him where he is the closest model.  Which is better: One Wolf Guard going up against a Space Marine Captain, who with Initiative 5 might kill him first, or a squad of Grey Hunters and a Power Fist with two attacks (from charging or counter attack)?  Just make sure to keep the Power Weapon/Fist in the mid-back of your squad and it should have no problem surviving to attack back.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ragnar Blackmane Conversion WIP 1

After a few recent battles, I feel I needed to add a better HQ to my Space Wolves.  I may not always run this guy as Ragnar, but I wanted him to look like he could be Ragnar.  Now I just have to figure out a new name for him.  Maybe "Lucky".

I used bits from the new Grey Hunter's sprue, the old Space Wolf sprue and the new Wolf Guard sprue.  The impressive Frost Blade is made from two and a half chainswords, with the quillion made from a mini standard cut in half.

The wolf head on his left shoulder came from a Space Wolf Thunder Hammer, and his cloak was originally from the Space Marine Command Squad set.

Comments and critiques welcome.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A possible Anti-Flyer Tactic

Everyone seems to be talking about how to shoot down a flyer.  What if you didn't have to shoot it to bring it down?  There is a way.  If a flyer that is zooming can't go at least 18" it is wrecked. So how do you stop it from going 18", don't leave it anyplace to put it's base down.

For example:
Here a flyer has zoomed onto the board from a short table edge.  His enemy has convienently left a tasty decoy unit for him to shoot.  The blue boxes represent some terrain that it would be hard to put the flyer on, but due to flyer rules and the wobbly model syndrome rule, they are irrelevent unless occupied.

 For his next turn, assuming the flyer wants to zoom, he must move within the green zone.  If there is no place to put the base due to enemy and friendly models, there are two choices as I read the rules.  The fly can't move 18" and is wrecked. (Yay!) or if the flyer has the Hover type also, he can slow down and act like a skimmer. (Yay!)

If you manage to immobilize a zooming flyer with a lucky shot, he has to stay at the same speed moving 18" or 18.1"-36" and can't go into hover mode.

I can see this maybe being used in the mid game by tyranids or other armies with a large footprint.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 2

Just a quick update on my progress so far.

I have decided to scrap the use of foamboard and plan to cast the ends up in resin.  To make a master version, I chose oven-hardening clay and got to work.

That was my initial rough sculpt, but I didn't like it for several reasons, mostly because it wasn't immediately recognizable as Eldar.

So thinking about those things that are made of wraithbone and are large constructs, I got to thinking about Eldar vehicles.  One thing common on all of them are the grooves.  Also I thought about having the top piece more like the fins on the back of a guardian's backpack.

The field now eminates from the flat surface of the end pylon, and the grooves and shape just scream Eldar to me.

Steps left.
  1. Test plan for the short pieces of the Defense Line
  2. Cut more fields with less wavyness
  3. Finish Smoothing Surface
  4. Add Spirit Stones
  5. Buy a Resin Casting Kit
  6. Get to Casting
  7. ?????
  8. Profit
What do you think?

Also in my quest to build an Eldar Aegis Defense Line I did a lot of seaching for ideas.  While I have decided to keep my Force Shield idea, that doesn't mean there aren't other options out there.

Here are some links to a few
Awesome Plasticard and Greenstuff Defense line
This guy has some nice eldar terrain in progress
One using air-hardening clay that has a nice looking quad gun too.
Simple, Effective and not imperial looking

Bonus points if you laughed at the reference to the underpants gnomes.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Data Log: The Purging of Hyperion Hive Outskirts.

The Purging of Hyperion Hive Outskirts.

+++ For Inquisitor Eyes Only +++
Reports from the survivors indicates that there may have been serious error in the targeting data used by the Ordo Malleous strike force sent to purge the alien menace in the Hyperion Hive outskirts ruins located at  ********.  It appears that an error in Astropathic communication may have resulted in a Epsilon level fratricide incident.  As is normal in these incidents, the few survivors will only be told of the success of their missions and presented honors and medals to allay suspicion.  Below is an excerpt from the company commander’s battle log, which was preserved by his servo skull scribe.

+++ Contact Report +++
The reinforcements we were expecting have started firing on us.  A squad of ******* appeared in front of my command squad and casualties were high.  Vox Operator Jones is to be posthumously commended for his sacrifice, while Color Sergeant Smith will be reduced to private posthumously for his failure to protect the regimental colors.

Thank the Emperor for the Mortarmen!  Their shells took a toll on those ****** bastards.  I can’t believe that we are being slain by *******.  I thought that they were allies?  Regardless the Mortar Platoon attached to First Platoon is nominated for the Medusan Star, too bad they’ll never get to wear it.  I last saw them wielding mortar tubes and bayonets vs the golden ************ of these **********.
It seems our months of fighting in this hell hole of a hive are paying off.  The men are utilizing every last bit of cover and surviving the furious assault of these *********.  Praise be to our pilots as well, it seems the Emperor himself is guiding their hands.   The Governor’s Own dropped in and obliterated a squad of the enemy as I now forced to call these **********.   The return fire from other units was too much and I saw a few take refuge in a nearby ruin.  Their Sergeant, power weapon in hand, lay bleeding and broken in the street.

We are killing them, but even our skill at hiding in ruins not the power field on the sky shield platform have proven enough to hold them back.  A normal enemy would have run from the fusillades of fire we continue to poor down on them, but their assaults continue. 
A squad approaches, Gunners!  Direct Front.  Mow them down!

+++ Contact Report Ends +++
A “Work Leader Sorenson”, who holds the rank of veteran sergeant survived the battle and corroborated the report of the Company Commander.  He eagerly accepted the explanation of heretic sorcery and does not suspect that fratricide may have occurred.  Mind wipe is not advised, but we recommend doubling the quota of commissars assigned.

Had a great game today with Dave and his Grey Knights.  I should have taken some pictures as it was an awesome fight for my first 6th edition battle, both armies looked great on the table.  I had awesome luck on my warlord power getting Stealth(ruins) for the army on a board mainly composed of ruins.  But, the mission clearly favored Dave as it was the Purge the Alien, victory point mission.

We both had a blast and it was great playing with the new rules.

The skyshield is great for a cheap 4+ invul save, but the height can limit a lot of your guys firing when the infantry get close.

My mortars were the stars of the beginning of the match and nearly won an assault.

We didn't get to finish the match, but on turn 5 he still had too many guys on the table, and I needed to kill everyone to win the mission by that time.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 1

Not much to show so far, but you can see it will be about the same height as the Imperial one, but will consist of two pylons and an acrylic "force field"

I am going to add small supports on the sides of the pylons so that it will be free standing when finished.

I may build one extra to test staining the force field maybe blue or purple.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Two Portable Fortifications

I figured it was about time I get back to some hobby content, and since I want to try some of the fortifications out, I figured I should go ahead and build some. 

The first one is just an Aegis Defense line.  I initially bought two of these to build my Hydras.  I had been using pieces for terrain on some of my more elaborate bases, but I was able to scrounge up enough for one full set.  As I had built custom turrets, and had mainly just used the guns, I had everything but the autocannons for a quad turret.  Luckily my Space Wolves were willing to give up a pair of autocannon dreadnought arms from a WIP project.  I think it came out pretty good.

I've always wanted a skyshield platform and 6th edition gave me the perfect reason to buy one.  Who doesn't want a 4+ Invulnerable Save (not a cover save mind you) or deep striking without scatter?  All for 75 points.  Plus the thoughts of my opponent trying to wrest control of the pad from me, so he can open it up and deep strike without error on the pad is pretty awesome.  One problem, it is rather large assembled.

Luckily I was able to make it quite modular for transport.  The silver ring and disk were two magnets I had lying around, and I used steel disks glued to girders made of sprue inside the legs.  The two halves fit together quite well without glue.  The only real issue was the side armor bits.  After gluing them together, I carved out notches along the length of thier hinges so that they could snap on and off.

And here it is all stacked up for transport

Here's a close up of the notch I cut in the side armor pieces.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Maugan Ra's Semi-Alaitoc Eldar

Now that I have my new rulebook, I thought I would try and put together a list with 6th edition in mind.  I choose my Eldar because they were my first 40k Army and I like the options they bring.  This selection of models would require very little work to appear as a cohesive force and includes some of my best painted Eldar miniatures

HQ: Maugan Ra
HQ: Farseer, Fortune; Runes of Warding; Eldar Jetbike; Singing Spear

Elite: 5 Wraithguard, 1 Spiritseer (Warlock) Conceal ; Spiritseer Upgrade

Troops: 10 Rangers, Pathfinders
Troops: 10 Rangers, Pathfinders
Troops: 7 Guardian Jetbike Squadron, Shuriken Cannon (x2), 1 Warlock, Destructor

Fast Attack: 4 Shining Spears; Shining Spears Exarch; Skilled Rider; Withdraw; Star Lance
Fast Attack: 4 Warp Spiders; Warp Spider Exarch; Powerblades; Spinneret Rifle

Heavy Support: 4 Dark Reapers; Dark Reaper Exarch; Crack Shot ;  Fast Shot ; Missile Launcher
Heavy Support: Wraithlord; Flamer (x2); Wraithsword; Bright Lance

Total Roster Cost: 1999

The changes to power weapons gives Maugan Ra a bit more survivability with his 2+ save, and his I7 lets him strike before Grey Knight Nemesis Halberds.

This really will require the whole army acting together for it to work.  Even with impact hits and a Fortune'd 3+ save, the jetbikes can't handle much in combat.  But if the unit they are about to assualt has been shot up by the Pathfinders and Dark Reapers, then they should be able to finish them off.