Friday, October 18, 2013

Storage awaits.

My hobby room has been packed up.  The blog will be on hold.  This might be the very last post on this blog.  But, the blog will remain so that those who might find inspiration from my creations can still do so in the future.  Also because there are links to this blog that might be exploited if this blog is deleted.  Sadly this happened with my Ruins of Medusa V blog address.
The Ruined Manufactorum has been dismantled(destroyed) as has District 11.  The Bastion with Moat has been placed in the attic in a plastic bag.
I will likely begin auctioning my armies off after the new year.  Expect good deals.
Am I sad?  Yes.  But this is the right choice for me at this time in my life.  I haven't played a game in a very long time, and although I have a desire to continue creating, I have neither the time nor space to use for something that will quite likely never be used.
I took off the ads, and changed the style, I hope you find what you were looking for.
Spyrle, signing off.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Raven Guard and Raptor Land Speeder Storms and Scouts

Here's a shot of my Raven Guard Land Speeder Storm and magnetized Close Combat Scouts all loaded up.

I've also finished up my diorama, "Scouts Out" which is also usable in games, although it might get a bit confusing when the scouts disembark from the transport.  I chose a camouflage scheme because I was a bit tired of black, and since I painted them as the Raptors, a Raven Guard Successor, they just act like part of the primary detachment anyhow.
I need to finish their disembarked versions and construct a marker to indicate that the vehicle is empty.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Color-Coded Bases

This is a unique solution to a unique problem.  My first Land Speeder Storm was built with a set of magnetized, removable, metal scouts.  This way I could know if my transport was empty or full.  I had bases that they would fit on, but I often ran into problems finding the right base for the Scout.

With a little bit of greenstuff and some bright paints I was able to solve that problem. 

It is barely visible in the first picture...

... but when off their bases, the color coding is quite distinct.

And of course I had to designate their spots on the Land Speeder Storm for hassle free loading.

Have you ever done a removable set of miniature and had trouble getting them back in place?  I know that this is sometimes a problem in Warhammer Fantasy with regiments and weapons and cloaks pointing every which way.  Do you have any tips or tricks to remembering who goes where?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raven Guard DIY Shadow Captains

I've been talking about how Shrike, while a characterful addition, may not be the best choice to lead your Raven Guard force.  In short, he is expensive and a more survivable and versatile HQ can be had for less points, if you are willing to sacrifice the USR Stealth. 

I plan on running a Scout-heavy force and have been working on two Shadow Captains as I am not sure which weapon loadout I prefer.  On the left you can see Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum (Lightning Disease) and to the right is Shadow Captain Umbra Mortis (Shadow of Death). They both wear Artificer Armor and Jump Packs.  Moriorum is armed with a Power Weapon(sword) Plasma Pistol and carries a Melta Bomb.  Mortis carries a Storm Shield, Combi-Melta and a Relic Blade.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Shadow Captain Moriorum WIP 2

I've managed to get a little paint on the Shadow Captain and take a few better pictures in the sunlight.  I had to reduce the quality of the images, because my painting just looks really bad to me up close. 
Anyone else shocked at how bad their figures look when photographed in good light and up close?
You can see he is very intent on smashing his foot into someone's face.

And then shooting them with a plasma pistol at close range.
And then he plans to chop their head off, for good measure.

The wing bits on the jump packs were part of a laser cut card aquilla, but you could simply print out an aquilla and cut one out by hand.
Let me know what you think, or feel free to share your stories of badly you've felt some of your mini's have looked under the lights.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introducing Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum

Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum is the leader of the Raven Guard's 11th Company.  The 11th Company is similar in many ways to the 10th Company in that it has a large number of Scouts, but little more is known about it's formation.
The 11th Company has been recently reported in the  redacted  sector. Shadow Captain Moriorum is known to have served in the Deathwatch and wears an ancient set of power armor and a specially modified Jump Pack.

Friday, September 20, 2013

To Shrike or not to Shrike

We all know our favorite Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard.  He is a very characterful choice for a Raven Guard Army, but the real question is how much does he help out your force?

Shrike can join only Jump Pack troops, that makes sense and gets rid of that silly infiltrating terminators tactic.  He can let any squad he joins Infiltrate/Outflank, but doing so means no first turn charges.  He has Stealth, which he confers to his squad, but that really only helps if your Jump Pack squads are around a lot of cover.  Which, by the way, is dangerous for Jump Pack squads to move through.  He also has a pair of very nice Lightning Claws and a Bolt Pistol.

If you aren't planning to use the infiltrate ability, you might do better with a different Shadow Captain. 

I'm planning to run Shadow Captain (Insert cool Name) Who, like Shrike, has a Jump Pack, but carries a Plasma Pistol and a Power Sword.  He also has upgraded his armor to Artificer Armor and typically carries a Melta Bomb to help him get through doors.  He also costs 25 Points less than Shrike.

Another option is to use a Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, Relic Blade, Storm Shield and Combi Melta.  The STR 6 from the Relic Blade will help open most doors, and though it is one shot, the Combi Melta will help pop most transports.  This guy is supposed to be kicking in faces, so more shots aren't really needed.  He also clocks in at only 165 points, 20 less than Shrike. 
                            -This guy could be fun to model.

So what do you guys think?  Would you keep Shrike, in his "shoryuken" pose, for the Stealth or would you run your own Shadow Captain? you shell out the money for the IA 8 and run Shadow Captain  Korvydae?  Or are you waiting for the Chapter Supplement and hope for some sort of other special characters and relics?

Post your comments below, in the usual place for such things.

Friday, September 13, 2013

1st Raven Guard list with new codex

I decided to add up a quick list for my Raven Guard that would make the most use of my ability to take Land Speeder Storms as dedicated transports.

1497 Points


Command Squad, Bikes, Apothecary, Company Champion, 3x Power Swords

Scout Squad 1, Vet Sgt with Power Weapon, CCWx4
Land Speeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer

Scout Squad 2, Sgt with Sniper Rifle, ML with Flakk,
Land Speeder Storm w/ Multi Melta

Scout Squad 3, Vet Sgt with Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb, ML with Flakk
Land Speeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer

Scout Squad 4, Vet Sgt with Sniper Rifles x4 Heavy Bolter with Hellfire, Camo Cloaks

Scout Squad 5, Sgt with Sniper Rifles x4, ML no Flakk, Camo Cloaks

Tactical Squad (10 Man) Meltagun, Multimelta, VetSgt with Combi Melta
Drop Pod

Fast Attack
Assault Squad (10 man) Vet Sgt, with Power Sword, Melta Bomb and Combat Shield

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad 4xHB

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Raven Guard and the new Codex

I have my new digital Enhanced Space Marine Codex and I am quite happy.
The Enhanced codex is very nice even with its missing requisition function.  The audio sections are nice and some may be taken from the existing Black Library audio books.  The hyperlinking is very helpful, especially when you forget what "blind" weapons do.  In fact for this reason alone, I would prefer to use this type of codex rather than a physical copy when playing a game.  The information on successor chapters is quite good, but there are some glaring omissions in cases where the chapter was developed by Forgeworld.  Raptors, I'm looking at you. 
It is of course a digital product and after decades of browsing books and flipping pages, I must confess that it is more difficult for me to browse through the book.  I do wish all of the Raven Guard material was in one section, but I am very happy with the amount of information available also.
If you do have an iPad, I would also recommend the download of the free "how to paint a Tactical Squad".  It has a good amount of detail and step by step shots of several chapters, enough that you should find one close to your color scheme.  Also they detail how to paint a Raven Guard.
My Raven Guard force in progress
From a rules perspective the Raven Guard made out quite well.  Their new Chapter tactics greatly benefits their style of play and gives a good boost to Assault Marines.  I am especially happy about the Land Speeder Storm becoming a dedicated transport for Scouts.
Many units saw a points decrease, which will mean that you'll get to use more of your guys when you play a game.  Vanguard Veterans moved to the Elites, yay, and had a significant point reduction.  I will be using some of these guys in my army quite soon.  Command Squads on bike dropped dramatically in price.  Some things saw slight increases or increases only for some versions.  Predators and Razorbacks got more expensive in their base versions, but when upgraded cost the same or even less than the previous codex.
I haven't remade my army list with the new codex, but I expect a force that used to cost about 1850 would be less than 1750 today.  As for my army, I expect that I will increase my scouts, add another Land Speeder Storm, add an Assault Squad/Vanguard Vets, and finish up my command squad on bikes.

I don't think The Land Raider and Assault Terminators will see much use.

How has the new codex changed your army?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Raven Guard Modified Armor Conversion

While reading a few books featuring the Raven Guard, I took note of how they liked to silence and modify their armor in order to strike from the shadows.  I thought that on the eve of the release of the  latest Space Marine Codex, I would post my attempts to capture that modified power armor.

Standard and Customized Raven Guard Armor

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More 3D Prints and a first attempt at a casting

When I came home last night, I was happy to find a box from Shapeways on my doorstep.  I was excited to see how well, another USA based 3D Printing service had done, so I quickly opened the box.  I was very happy with the detail and the price was much cheaper than the previous two “high detail” prints I have received. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

3D Printed Space Elf DLP, an Actual Comparison.

I got my second pylon from a 3D printer back today.  I thought I would take a few pictures and then give my impressions of the comparative quality and value of the "prints".  I will eventually gather all of this information into a single page one all my items come in.  Now onto the comparison.
We can see that when placed together they initially appear identical other than their color.  I'm still sad about the dimensional mistake on the powerfields, but the angle is correct and both pylons match it exactly.

The greenish pylon is from Ponoko and uses their Durable Fine Plastic.  The white pylon is from Sculpteo and uses their Detail Resin.  Both of these materials are resins extruded from a print head that are then cured with UV light. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First 3D Print has Arrived

If you have been following my Eldar Aegis Defense Line posts, you would know that when I tried to cast a second set of pylons, I was very disappointed by the ever decreasing quality of the casts.  In order to fix that I undertook a journey into the realms of CAD and 3D printing.  My first hobby related 3D print arrived today, and I am overjoyed at the quality.  I am making the pylon available at Sculpteo, although the price is quite high.  I may allow the lower detail plastic to be used once I see how it looks, which would reduce the price considerably.

The surface has a slight texture on the curves, but as can be seen in the pictures, it is hardly noticeable at normal viewing distances.  The flat sections feel very smooth and the panel indentations are quite crisp and sharp.  The bottom edges are extremely clean and sharp.  I would expect that after a gentle washing I could paint this with no additional prep required, but a quick once over with some very fine (300 or 400) sandpaper would enhance it's appearance.

The pylon appears different from the original sculpt, but this is by design.  The dimensions I created in Autodesk Inventor were replicated exactly in the fine detail resin.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Printable Eldar Aegis Defense Line Updated

So I took the Eldar Aegis Defense Line that I am having 3D printed and made it into a printable and do-it-yourself product.  Unfortunately, as you can see in the image above, I didn't think things through very well last night.  And of course I hadn't tested it at all.

A Cardboard Eldar Aegis Defense Line

I've gotten a bit ambitious as I wait for my 3D prints and such to get finished, so I thought I would put together a quick do-it-yourself PDF.  This PDF will allow you to cut out the various pieces and put together your own Eldar counts-as an Aegis Defense Line for your own personal use.

This is a pre-production and very untested product.  Use it at your own risk.  I have not printed it out and tested it, but I have included some reference dimensions in inches on the PDF.  I also had to make a guess at the thickness of the cardboard you might choose to use, adjust the tab slots accordingly if you use thicker cardboard.  I have assumed that the cardboard would be .025 inches thick, or about the same thickness as a breakfast cereal box.

If you do download it and discover problems or just want to share your thoughts, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

And you can get our own copy of the PDF here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Small Powerfield Design Work Complete

I did some more work on the design while waiting for some paint to dry.  Sadly the paint was in my kitchen and not on one of my miniatures....  My initial design for the short sections was limited by the fidelity of my cutting instrument which was a simple jigsaw.  This time around, with the ability to have virtually any shape cut into the plastic, I've gone with a more complex design that borrows a bit from the Jackal hand held shield in Halo, but that still covers the area that a small Aegis section would cover.

I present the Small Powerfield 2.0

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Digital Eldar Defense Line Section

I did some CAD work and was able to put together a nice picture of what a section of the new completed defense line will look like.

I have to admit, it looks pretty darn good.  I am anxious to see how the various 3D printers do in capturing the detail.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Space Elf Defense Line in Prototyping Stages

While I was struggling with sculpting my Eldar Aegis Defense Line, I had the idea that if I could make a 3D model of it, I could just print out as many copies as I needed.  The best part was that it would be symmetrical and not suffer from my poor clay and greenstuff sculpting skills.  To that end, I took a course at the community college on Computer Aided Design or CAD and learned how to use Autodesk Inventor with a fair degree of skill.  As a bonus, I got access to a Dimension 3D Printer.
My final project.
I have bitten the bullet so to speak and ordered a few test prints of my "Space Elf Defense Line" pylon from 3 different 3D Printers.  I have also chosen a variety of materials that I think will work best.  I used Shapeways, Ponoko, and Sculpteo.  All three offer a variety of materials, and easily accepted my uploaded .stl file that I exported from Autodesk Inventor.  They all offer a variety of 3d design tools or services to help young designers get their concepts into a 3d file and printed. 
Edit:  As it turns out I also ordered a print from i.materialise.  So that makes 4 different 3d Printers.
Expect excited posting when they come in (near the end of the month).  Based on the price of printing each individual item, trying to sell a set of twelve pylons may not be feasible.  At close to $20 per pylon, a full 3d printed set would be over $200, but at least you'd get free shipping!  However, if I like the quality, I will put them up for sale.
So what will I do with my newly 3D printed goodness?  Well, assuming I have one pylon that is in excellent condition, I may re-attempt casting it with more care this time.  If there are more than a few orders, I will make additional molds to speed my casting process.  If interest continues in "Space Elf" fortifications, I would continue to design various terrain items to be printed then cast and sold.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Digital Sculpting and Eldar Plylon for Defense Line

After some more work in Autodesk Inventor, I have a model of an end pylon that I am happy with.
Next up is to export it and then get a test 3D print of it.  If it looks good, I'll work on the power fields and the pricing. 
What do you think?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Rebirth of an Eldar Aegis Defense Line

If you've been here before, You have likely seen my Eldar Aegis Defense Line that I sculpted, cast and then subsequently sold.

Sadly it was not the cash cow I'd been hoping for.

I decided to take a stab at reproducing it digitally, and if I am satisfied with the results, I may put it up for sale on some 3D printing service. 

I'm choosing a service because it will be easier for them to accept more types of payment, handle international shipping, and reduce time from order to shipment to the customer.

Here is a picture of the original pylon and a digital sculpt-in-progress.

I'll keep you updated as I continue to work out the details, and then I will start looking at 3D printing services, and see if the pricing would be feasible for my fellow players.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave comments on the sculpts, the state of 3D printing and digital distribution.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

What to Keep When Selling an Army

     I have sold a few armies via eBay, and have learned a few lessons.  Some of these lessons might be helpful to other players who are parting with well loved miniatures.  This information only applies to armies that you have a significant emotional of time investment in.  You may have spent hours collecting classic range miniatures, days converting a HQ miniature, or countless hours perfecting a paint job on your units.  You can and should be proud of the work and effort you put into making your army even if it was never finished or fought in a single battle on the tabletop.

    The act of selling an army can be heart-wrenching, but also cleansing once the sale is complete.  But, as I found, if you fail to keep something from that Army, you can feel a great sense of loss.

In my case, this first happened when I sold my Tau.  I had done a great job converting a Metal Shadowsun mini to be a Generic Command Suit.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Don't miss out on these Guardians

/begin shameless promotion

I just can't believe that no one has jumped on the chance to own these or these well painted Alaitoc Guardian Squads.   Considering that GW wants $36.25 for them, $15.00 for a squad (with 2 extras) seems like a pretty good deal.

/end shameless promotion

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Downsizing and Taking a Break.

I have come to the realization that I have way too much 40K stuff for a guy who only plays maybe a dozen times a year.  I have liquidated my complete Eldar collection, including codexes, bits and conversions.  Well, not my complete collection, I have kept a few models that I was especially proud of, something I wish I had done with my Tau.

I did find I was able to get a much higher return of my Eldar by selling them as units instead of trying to sell "Large Eldar Army". Although now I do have a few unused army cases lying around.

I have no takers for my Mega Terrain, but may have luck on ebay.  Shipping will be a b!t($ however.

This leaves me with my Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and Raven Guard.  I'm not sure what I will do, but I am sure I will let some of it go.

Perhaps once I am done clearing out unused models, I might find time and energy to actually do some painting again.

So if anyone wants more info on selling Warhammer stuff on eBay, leave a comment and I'll try and answer it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mega Terrain looking for a good home

I've built a few mega pieces of terrain on 2x2 boards, but since I have been playing so rarely, I think it is time to let them go.

I'm not looking for a fortune, just enough that I know you value the amount of work and material that went into them, and we'd have to discuss shipping options, but if you are interested in the following pieces, leave a comment or contact me via spyrle(at)hotmail(dot)com.

The first is the Bastion with Moat
Two bastion kits, an aegis defense line, and a ton more went into making this a reality.  Who wouldn't want to play an epic battle with this?  More pictures here: link

Next up is the ruined Manufactorum
 Two manufactorum kits and a ton of bits and spare terrain.  Includes magnetized statue of chaos sorcerer.  More pictures here:  link

And lastly is the district 11

Mostly foam and foamboard, but a great skirmish board for any system.  More pictures here: link I think?

The rest of the Eldar will be going up onto eBay in the next few days also.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Off Loading some extra stuff

I've decided to reduce the amount of unused toys in my hobby room and have put up three auctions.

The first is for 5 of the black library audio dramas


The next is from a failed Chaos Space Marine Project

another linky

The last is my Wood Elf terrain set


Take a look and get them while the prices are low.

Expect more stuff to go up soon, as I am thinking that it's time to let my Eldar go.


No more links but I have added 3 squads of  Eldar Rangers, some Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks.  Also a lot including my 2nd 3rd and 4th edition Eldar Codex

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kicking it down the line

It seems one of our esteemed bloggers has gotten it into his mind to make some awesome stuff for the hobby.

Please check out what Col Gravis has been up to:

For those of you that follow Col. Gravis, you will hopefully have already seen his Kickstarter project.

For those of you who don't or who have missed it, take a look here.

I've not been asked to post this, and am purely doing it to add more support for the project.

Also, I stole almost all of the text above from The cadian127th and Courtney Hollyoake 
and with that, I'm gonna crawl back into my hole.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Packing it All Up

I guess there comes a time in every table-top-wargamer’s life when they consider giving the game up.

It isn’t a lack of time or too many competing interests, but simply a lack of players nearby that shared the same passion for the game. I guess that for the last 4 years I’ve been trying to replicate what I had in the close-knit wargaming community on Okinawa, Japan.  I’ve sadly been unsuccessful.  Not that I put much effort into it, but nevertheless, I cannot bring myself to pack up my mini’s, drive a half an hour and sit around at the local store hoping to get in a game.  And then the chances that I will find a similar player, who desires a narrative game, who wants to ensure both players have fun, who has bothered to paint his army (or has actually made progress since we last met) is quite slim.

So the question becomes, why go forth into near certain disappointment.


It is time for me to pack of my Warhammer 40K stuff into boxes and place them on a shelf. 

And in reality I’m just so disappointed. 

I would have loved to build my Chaos Space Marine warband. 

Allies finally gave me a way to design an Eldar Corsair force (without forge world).

But I’ve lost the spark.

I have all of the tools, I have the creative ability, if not perhaps the exquisite skill with the brush, but I’ve lost the inspiration.  Moreover, for me this is something that cannot be forced.

What do I ultimately plan to do with all of the stuff?  I really don’t know.  I might eBay some of it, but I just don’t care enough to even do that at this point.

I’m not rage-quitting the hobby after my favorite army has been nerfed….I’ve just fallen out of love with it.

So what happens to the blog?  I suppose it gets to stand on its own for a while.  I won’t be pulling It down, but I don’t expect any updates in the near future either.

So, to those of you who’ve read this far, goodbye and thanks for all the fish, er comments.