Sunday, January 20, 2013

Packing it All Up

I guess there comes a time in every table-top-wargamer’s life when they consider giving the game up.

It isn’t a lack of time or too many competing interests, but simply a lack of players nearby that shared the same passion for the game. I guess that for the last 4 years I’ve been trying to replicate what I had in the close-knit wargaming community on Okinawa, Japan.  I’ve sadly been unsuccessful.  Not that I put much effort into it, but nevertheless, I cannot bring myself to pack up my mini’s, drive a half an hour and sit around at the local store hoping to get in a game.  And then the chances that I will find a similar player, who desires a narrative game, who wants to ensure both players have fun, who has bothered to paint his army (or has actually made progress since we last met) is quite slim.

So the question becomes, why go forth into near certain disappointment.


It is time for me to pack of my Warhammer 40K stuff into boxes and place them on a shelf. 

And in reality I’m just so disappointed. 

I would have loved to build my Chaos Space Marine warband. 

Allies finally gave me a way to design an Eldar Corsair force (without forge world).

But I’ve lost the spark.

I have all of the tools, I have the creative ability, if not perhaps the exquisite skill with the brush, but I’ve lost the inspiration.  Moreover, for me this is something that cannot be forced.

What do I ultimately plan to do with all of the stuff?  I really don’t know.  I might eBay some of it, but I just don’t care enough to even do that at this point.

I’m not rage-quitting the hobby after my favorite army has been nerfed….I’ve just fallen out of love with it.

So what happens to the blog?  I suppose it gets to stand on its own for a while.  I won’t be pulling It down, but I don’t expect any updates in the near future either.

So, to those of you who’ve read this far, goodbye and thanks for all the fish, er comments.