Friday, July 19, 2013

Mega Terrain looking for a good home

I've built a few mega pieces of terrain on 2x2 boards, but since I have been playing so rarely, I think it is time to let them go.

I'm not looking for a fortune, just enough that I know you value the amount of work and material that went into them, and we'd have to discuss shipping options, but if you are interested in the following pieces, leave a comment or contact me via spyrle(at)hotmail(dot)com.

The first is the Bastion with Moat
Two bastion kits, an aegis defense line, and a ton more went into making this a reality.  Who wouldn't want to play an epic battle with this?  More pictures here: link

Next up is the ruined Manufactorum
 Two manufactorum kits and a ton of bits and spare terrain.  Includes magnetized statue of chaos sorcerer.  More pictures here:  link

And lastly is the district 11

Mostly foam and foamboard, but a great skirmish board for any system.  More pictures here: link I think?

The rest of the Eldar will be going up onto eBay in the next few days also.


  1. Awesome Terrain, wish I could buy it, but I think what would be a fair price is higher then I would be able to afford

  2. O that's a shame, it was fun following your build progress on these.

    Good luck with the sales sir!

  3. I hope they find a good home. - If only I dint live so far away!