Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Cardboard Eldar Aegis Defense Line

I've gotten a bit ambitious as I wait for my 3D prints and such to get finished, so I thought I would put together a quick do-it-yourself PDF.  This PDF will allow you to cut out the various pieces and put together your own Eldar counts-as an Aegis Defense Line for your own personal use.

This is a pre-production and very untested product.  Use it at your own risk.  I have not printed it out and tested it, but I have included some reference dimensions in inches on the PDF.  I also had to make a guess at the thickness of the cardboard you might choose to use, adjust the tab slots accordingly if you use thicker cardboard.  I have assumed that the cardboard would be .025 inches thick, or about the same thickness as a breakfast cereal box.

If you do download it and discover problems or just want to share your thoughts, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

And you can get our own copy of the PDF here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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