Saturday, August 03, 2013

What to Keep When Selling an Army

     I have sold a few armies via eBay, and have learned a few lessons.  Some of these lessons might be helpful to other players who are parting with well loved miniatures.  This information only applies to armies that you have a significant emotional of time investment in.  You may have spent hours collecting classic range miniatures, days converting a HQ miniature, or countless hours perfecting a paint job on your units.  You can and should be proud of the work and effort you put into making your army even if it was never finished or fought in a single battle on the tabletop.

    The act of selling an army can be heart-wrenching, but also cleansing once the sale is complete.  But, as I found, if you fail to keep something from that Army, you can feel a great sense of loss.

In my case, this first happened when I sold my Tau.  I had done a great job converting a Metal Shadowsun mini to be a Generic Command Suit.

I sold this guy with the rest of the Army.  I don't think he added much to the final value, but I miss having this model.  In addition to the conversion work and magnetized weapons, keeping this model would have helped me remember the color scheme I had used. 
Could I just buy another one?  Sure, but they are now finecast, and the scope of conversion, the difficulties overcome would never equal the initial challenge and accomplishment of the original.
You may have noticed that I recently sold my Eldar.  I did not make the same mistake this time.
Clockwise from the top, I've saved my Farseer "on" Jetbike who uses a Necromundan range and rare Farseer; an Avatar; Maugan Ra who once won a prize in a local painting competition; a Farseer with runes on his robes I'm not sure I could do again; an unpainted Barroth converted into an Autarch with wings.

 Will I feel a sense of loss when I think of my Eldar?  Yes, but I will always have these guys to remind me of my accomplishments.

In contrast, I sold my failed Chaos Space Marine army recently and feel no remorse even though I did not keep a single model from it.

What have you kept when selling an Army?

Did you sell an army and then regret not keeping something like me?


  1. Ha ha, just not selling anything works for me...

    I did give away a DE army; it was the old DE and it went to a good home. So it cost me the postage, but there's a favour out there that I may call in at some point.

  2. Zzzzzz, That was my plan, but sometimes life throws you curveballs. I'm much happier now, but I needed to give up some hobby space. Did you keep any of the DE?