Friday, September 27, 2013

Color-Coded Bases

This is a unique solution to a unique problem.  My first Land Speeder Storm was built with a set of magnetized, removable, metal scouts.  This way I could know if my transport was empty or full.  I had bases that they would fit on, but I often ran into problems finding the right base for the Scout.

With a little bit of greenstuff and some bright paints I was able to solve that problem. 

It is barely visible in the first picture...

... but when off their bases, the color coding is quite distinct.

And of course I had to designate their spots on the Land Speeder Storm for hassle free loading.

Have you ever done a removable set of miniature and had trouble getting them back in place?  I know that this is sometimes a problem in Warhammer Fantasy with regiments and weapons and cloaks pointing every which way.  Do you have any tips or tricks to remembering who goes where?

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