Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introducing Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum

Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum is the leader of the Raven Guard's 11th Company.  The 11th Company is similar in many ways to the 10th Company in that it has a large number of Scouts, but little more is known about it's formation.
The 11th Company has been recently reported in the  redacted  sector. Shadow Captain Moriorum is known to have served in the Deathwatch and wears an ancient set of power armor and a specially modified Jump Pack.

I've modeled him in the midst of landing boot onto face while shooting said face with his plasma pistol.
I like how he's turning out so far.  I'm sorry about the bad pictures, a lack of sunlight, dead camera batteries and laziness conspired to force me to use my phone for these pictures.


  1. That is really cool! Awesome build, man!

  2. I love the sense of motion, you can see the action he's performing. Good job.