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Raven Guard and the new Codex

I have my new digital Enhanced Space Marine Codex and I am quite happy.
The Enhanced codex is very nice even with its missing requisition function.  The audio sections are nice and some may be taken from the existing Black Library audio books.  The hyperlinking is very helpful, especially when you forget what "blind" weapons do.  In fact for this reason alone, I would prefer to use this type of codex rather than a physical copy when playing a game.  The information on successor chapters is quite good, but there are some glaring omissions in cases where the chapter was developed by Forgeworld.  Raptors, I'm looking at you. 
It is of course a digital product and after decades of browsing books and flipping pages, I must confess that it is more difficult for me to browse through the book.  I do wish all of the Raven Guard material was in one section, but I am very happy with the amount of information available also.
If you do have an iPad, I would also recommend the download of the free "how to paint a Tactical Squad".  It has a good amount of detail and step by step shots of several chapters, enough that you should find one close to your color scheme.  Also they detail how to paint a Raven Guard.
My Raven Guard force in progress
From a rules perspective the Raven Guard made out quite well.  Their new Chapter tactics greatly benefits their style of play and gives a good boost to Assault Marines.  I am especially happy about the Land Speeder Storm becoming a dedicated transport for Scouts.
Many units saw a points decrease, which will mean that you'll get to use more of your guys when you play a game.  Vanguard Veterans moved to the Elites, yay, and had a significant point reduction.  I will be using some of these guys in my army quite soon.  Command Squads on bike dropped dramatically in price.  Some things saw slight increases or increases only for some versions.  Predators and Razorbacks got more expensive in their base versions, but when upgraded cost the same or even less than the previous codex.
I haven't remade my army list with the new codex, but I expect a force that used to cost about 1850 would be less than 1750 today.  As for my army, I expect that I will increase my scouts, add another Land Speeder Storm, add an Assault Squad/Vanguard Vets, and finish up my command squad on bikes.

I don't think The Land Raider and Assault Terminators will see much use.

How has the new codex changed your army?


  1. Your LR/ATs could be used as a brick to sit on an objective and deny it whilst blazing away at enemy armour. You've not got much else in the way of heavy firepower in their so don't dismiss them off hand!

    1. Good point. But I think I would rather keep them in reserve as a very nasty surprise. As a LRC, its range of 24" limits it's use in the early game.

  2. I'm trying to ignore the fact that my Crimson Fists have a new codex -- I've barely used the codexes I bought recently and don't get enough use out of my other amries (3 or 4 is too many). But you're tempting me to check it out! Curse you!

    1. I had to make a similar choice with my Eldar. I choose to sell the Army rather than buy the new codex. I'm glad I didn't do the same with my Raven Guard, because I can really run a Scout Heavy force now with Land Speeder Storms and still have Assault Marines and maybe even a flyer or some regular land speeders. As for your Crimson Fists, the new codex gives you not only all the background from the last Codex on Pedro Kantor, but a full four swipes on my iPad for the chapter itself, which is considerably more than the last codex. I would say the number of images of Crimson Fist models stayed the same, but they are lit better than the last codex where some appeared very dark, and are all gathered together and not spread out as in the last codex.


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