Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raven Guard DIY Shadow Captains

I've been talking about how Shrike, while a characterful addition, may not be the best choice to lead your Raven Guard force.  In short, he is expensive and a more survivable and versatile HQ can be had for less points, if you are willing to sacrifice the USR Stealth. 

I plan on running a Scout-heavy force and have been working on two Shadow Captains as I am not sure which weapon loadout I prefer.  On the left you can see Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum (Lightning Disease) and to the right is Shadow Captain Umbra Mortis (Shadow of Death). They both wear Artificer Armor and Jump Packs.  Moriorum is armed with a Power Weapon(sword) Plasma Pistol and carries a Melta Bomb.  Mortis carries a Storm Shield, Combi-Melta and a Relic Blade.

While Shadow Captain Fulgor Moriorum has just planted his foot into a Dark Eldar's Face, Shadow Captain Umbra Mortis prepares to launch himself at his next foe.

I need to finish painting both of these guys.

Both Umbra Mortis and Fulgor Moriorum have been rumored to be the true Shadow Captain of the 11th Company.  Each has appeared before Imperial Forces calling himself the Shadow Captain of the 11th, but only the oldest records record the Raven Guard maintaining an 11th Company of Space Marines.  Inquisitor Ispep of the Ordo Hereticus has furinished the following report of the most recent activities of these Space Marines.
The force of Space Marines known as the 11th Company of the Raven Guard Chapter retains a disturbing amount of secrecy about its leadership, composition, and activities.  While many of their activities are only inferred from the reports of the defeated, it is known that they were instrumental in the elimination of the insurrectionists on Proximo-Seti V. 
Suspecting the 11th Company's involvement, and charged with determining their loyalty I traveled to the Proximo System as soon as I heard that they had declared independence.  Taking a mere 10 days in transit I was able to arrive just after the surrender of rebel forces.
I was shocked.  How could a world that had chosen to leave the emperor's light capitulate so quickly?  I found my answers in questioning many of the rebel forces prior to their reeducation as they waited in the kilometer long lines.
Not long after they declared independence, the rebels began experiencing communication breakdowns.  At first it was just equipment failures, likely due to a failure to appease the machine spirits.  But soon enough, outposts would be deserted, with no signs of struggle and the personnel stationed there appearing to have just wandered off.  While such a lack of discipline is expected amongst conscripts, with a day this began to happen to the hardened troops also.  It seemed like the rebels who had fought so hard to take the capitol were experiencing mass desertions, but then a lone soldier staggered back to a command post.
She spoke of spectres that struck like lightning.  She described them as black beasts of rage and fury, with reflexes beyond the human, standing over 8 feet tall but quiet as death.  She reported that she survived because she attempted to bayonet one of the beasts, it snarled in rage and punched so hard that she was thrown into some bushes and knocked unconscious.  Though certain her squad was killed to a soldier, she couldn't find any traces of the battle or remains of her squad mates when she awoke.  She was delirious, and spoke of being watched constantly since the attack.  Later she was shot when she tried to grab an officer's sidearm and shoot one of the apparitions she said was watching her.
It appeared that while the rebel command did not believe in the specters, the common rebels did and there were more and more reports of misconduct and AWOL amongst the troops stationed outside the capitol.  To counter this, the rebel's best troops, rivaling Stormtooper regiments, were divided up and sent to serve as overseers of the less reliable forces.
The details of what happened in the capitol the last night speak only of chaos as critical machines stopped working, sentries were found dead, and amidst fire and flame in the mid of night, meteors struck from the sky as Astartes Drop Pods landed at the rebel HQ.  Reports of aircraft resembling Thunderhawk gunships and Land Speeder Storms crisscrossing the night skies as the rebel HQ was eliminated to a single surviving radio operator.
At the first sounds of attack, the radio operator was commanded by a hulking beast resembling a Raven Guard Space Marine to keep broadcasting the situation updates.  The forces outside the city braced for attack from within and without, expecting to see the Imperial Guard Tanks on the horizon that had been rumored for weeks, while wondering what could possibly be happening to their commanders.
Some brave captains ordered their companies to form up and return to the Rebel HQ to aid the commanders.  None of them made it.  The first to move was the 102nd Libertians and they were struck by a blinding flash from above and nearly the entire company was obliterated in an instant, almost certainly a lance strike from a Space Marine Battle Barge. This was broadcast in a play by play manner by the radio operator who was clearly being shown tactical data or viewing the situation from one of the high towers in the city.
Some rebels talk of the battle of the city as a one sided fight, a veritable slaughter.  In this Inquisitors opinion, it was more than that, it was an execution.  The forces in the city that were killed only returned fire in 1 out of every 10 instances.  The others were cut down as they manned weapons or stood watch, unknowing of their fate.  It appears that the Raven Guard had used deception to lure the best fighting forces outside of the city prior to their fateful strike to remove the head of the rebel leadership.  During the extermination inside the city, the true horror and helplessness that was being broadcast froze the other units in place where they were destroyed from orbit or routed, killing their leaders as they fled.
While the speed with which the rebellion was put down was commendable, the tactics used are most unorthodox and will bear more investigation.
The Chapter Symbol looks a bit strange upside down.

Well what do you think of the two Shadow Captains?


  1. They are both good models, my only real input would be to use the one YOU like best and sod the consequences! (but I really like the face-kicking bad mofo Captain Moriorum)

    I do have one question though, if the shadow captain has a storm shield (which can be used as the relic for eternal warrior) why a relic blade? I'd have thought a good old thunder hammer or power fist for AP2 and instant death on most things would be the way forwards. But saying that, it's only because around here you need to deal with 2+ saves reliably to win games....

    1. Thanks, I went with the Relic Blade on the 2nd Captain because I did not want to waste his Initiative 5 with an Unwieldy weapon like a Power Axe, Thunder Hammer or Power Fist. I will be sure to include a few Power Axes with my Vanguard Vet Squad, just in case I get stuck fighting some 2+ save guys.