Monday, September 23, 2013

Shadow Captain Moriorum WIP 2

I've managed to get a little paint on the Shadow Captain and take a few better pictures in the sunlight.  I had to reduce the quality of the images, because my painting just looks really bad to me up close. 
Anyone else shocked at how bad their figures look when photographed in good light and up close?
You can see he is very intent on smashing his foot into someone's face.

And then shooting them with a plasma pistol at close range.
And then he plans to chop their head off, for good measure.

The wing bits on the jump packs were part of a laser cut card aquilla, but you could simply print out an aquilla and cut one out by hand.
Let me know what you think, or feel free to share your stories of badly you've felt some of your mini's have looked under the lights.


  1. It's looking good mate, I love converted models!

    Yeah, for some reason I always find that taking pics under artificial lights makes my models look way better, can't explain that one........

    Stomp some xenos face!

    1. Thanks Neil!

      I think I might just suck at painting white onto black. Well, I can only get better if I try to improve, and that will take practice.

    2. Black is really unforgiving, I think I went through three grey stages and 5/6 coats of white when I did my black Templar shoulder pads. I have since cut the process down to one coat of astronomicon grey (I think) and a couple of ceramite white, but it's still a bugger.