Friday, September 20, 2013

To Shrike or not to Shrike

We all know our favorite Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard.  He is a very characterful choice for a Raven Guard Army, but the real question is how much does he help out your force?

Shrike can join only Jump Pack troops, that makes sense and gets rid of that silly infiltrating terminators tactic.  He can let any squad he joins Infiltrate/Outflank, but doing so means no first turn charges.  He has Stealth, which he confers to his squad, but that really only helps if your Jump Pack squads are around a lot of cover.  Which, by the way, is dangerous for Jump Pack squads to move through.  He also has a pair of very nice Lightning Claws and a Bolt Pistol.

If you aren't planning to use the infiltrate ability, you might do better with a different Shadow Captain. 

I'm planning to run Shadow Captain (Insert cool Name) Who, like Shrike, has a Jump Pack, but carries a Plasma Pistol and a Power Sword.  He also has upgraded his armor to Artificer Armor and typically carries a Melta Bomb to help him get through doors.  He also costs 25 Points less than Shrike.

Another option is to use a Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, Relic Blade, Storm Shield and Combi Melta.  The STR 6 from the Relic Blade will help open most doors, and though it is one shot, the Combi Melta will help pop most transports.  This guy is supposed to be kicking in faces, so more shots aren't really needed.  He also clocks in at only 165 points, 20 less than Shrike. 
                            -This guy could be fun to model.

So what do you guys think?  Would you keep Shrike, in his "shoryuken" pose, for the Stealth or would you run your own Shadow Captain? you shell out the money for the IA 8 and run Shadow Captain  Korvydae?  Or are you waiting for the Chapter Supplement and hope for some sort of other special characters and relics?

Post your comments below, in the usual place for such things.


  1. There's a part of me that would love to see all armies run as I picture them in my head (it's a dictatorship in my head, not a democracy) which would see any raven guard force led by shrike and 10 vanguard vets, each with a pair of lightning claws.....

    And then reality kicks me in the face. Above 1500 points I would definitely take him as Shrike, we all love Shrike, but at 1500 and below I just feel that you have to screw every point out of your list (your opponent will) and like you said, 20-25 points is a lot of wargear spread around the army, or another marine or two, being wasted for stealth (only useful for a 6+ against AP1/2 weapons, which will surely be targeted elsewhere)and infiltrate/outflank for one unit. I do find an infiltrating unit to be a great distraction, but they tend to be suicide units too in my army, buying time for all my real damage-dealers.

    Interesting point though, and purely for arguments sake, could you ally in a blood angels assault squad and attach shrike for an outflanking, fast moving scoring unit? then jump 12" and run onto an objective in cover for a 3+ cover save with said scoring unit?

    1. Thanks for the comments, you bring up some interesting points Neil. I don't have the blood angels codex, but since they aren't in a Raven Guard detachment they wouldn't get to use their jump packs in both the movement and assault phases.

      I have fast outflanking scoring units. Scouts in Land Speeder Storms! x3.

  2. I like the Shrike model and was stoked when I got one for under $10 but I have to agree that creating your own Shadow Captain might be better in most cases.

    I'm slowly working on a Raptors Chapter(Legion)and was really hoping for some goodies for being stealthy and striking fast etc but it seems like White Scars got the nod in this Codex. Here's hoping the RG supplement will correct/improve things for the RG (and their successors).

    Has anyone else noticed that Shrike and Jump Pack troops can't use "Strike from the Shadows" since they FAQd Jump Troops a while back as being "Bulky"(granted Shrike is special and has/confers Scout himself).

    Seems like they should have worded it like this (at least for the RG CT)

    "Note that this does not apply to models in units that include Terminator armour, Devastator Centurions or Assault Centurions."

    As it stands, No Scout or 1st turn stealth for RG jump troops.... which makes me a sad panda.

    PS: Love your blog! It's one of my go-to websites for my RG fix/inspiration.

    1. That sounds like a great deal! If I didn't already have all the etched brass and decals for the Raven Guard, I might go Raptors. I'm tempted to go Legion just for the Recon Squads, so cool looking.

      As for the "Strike from the Shadows" Yeah, I don't know why they even put that limitation on the forces. If it was night fight, they'd all have stealth or shrouded anyway...

      I'm kinda bummed out by the no scout or stealth on my RG jump troops, but Vanguard Vets are elites and I get Land Speeder Storms as Dedicated Transports. That makes me pretty happy.

      Thanks! I'm always glad to know people enjoy my stuff.