Monday, January 16, 2017

Raven Guard Sniper Scouts and LSS (now with paint)

Although I enjoyed the previous two paint schemes of my Raven Guard & Raptor Scout Squads, I thought I'd try and something a with a dirty grimy feel to it.  The Land Speeder Storm started black with white markings.  (Really, I swear its true.)  It the received a few dry brushes and washes and even a spray mist of thinned graveyard earth with the passengers and crew loaded  to get to its final grimy state.

I'm considering touching up the lights and a few other details, but based on my experience, after enough time with fine dust, they just look like more of the hull.

Dust inside a tent, during a windy day.

 Various dirty, grimy vehicles in Afghanistan.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Raven Guard Scout Snipers and thier Land Speeder Storm

These Raven Guard Scout Snipers are veterans and have learned its way easier to ride than walk. 

A slight mishap with gear storage on the rear wing makes for a perfect perch.

Wait.... What do you mean, that there's no way they could stand there?  Have you seen teen wolf?

Google it you'll see.

Clearly possible, but would soldiers do such a thing?

Well, consider that soldiers will ride anything if it means less walking, then, yes.

How many can you fit?  Always "One more".

Should we get off when it shoots?
No, it might leave us, then we'd have to walk.

Just because these guys are planning to get out and infiltrate the last few yards to their positons, doesn't mean they aren't up for a drive by.
 Okay, yes.  I haven't drilled out their barrels yet.  And the Sergeant seems to have lost his hand.  And if you look moderately closely, you'll see lots of mold lines and clip marks. But..... They disembark!

Yes, they'll get some nice bases to stand in like the Color Coded Bases of my Close Combat Scouts.

This post also marks my reentry into the hobby.

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