Monday, January 16, 2017

Raven Guard Sniper Scouts and LSS (now with paint)

Although I enjoyed the previous two paint schemes of my Raven Guard & Raptor Scout Squads, I thought I'd try and something a with a dirty grimy feel to it.  The Land Speeder Storm started black with white markings.  (Really, I swear its true.)  It the received a few dry brushes and washes and even a spray mist of thinned graveyard earth with the passengers and crew loaded  to get to its final grimy state.

I'm considering touching up the lights and a few other details, but based on my experience, after enough time with fine dust, they just look like more of the hull.

Dust inside a tent, during a windy day.

 Various dirty, grimy vehicles in Afghanistan.


  1. Looking good. Now you need a table painted the same way to lose them in.

  2. Now that would be cool, but frustrating...