Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fixing the Space Marine Centurion

So, I wasn't sold on the Space Marine Centurions when they were first released, but I figured there must be a way to make them look better.  Something like the picture below.


At this point I need to point you to this article, which forms the start of this project.  Simon over at Master of the Forge, posted a great tutorial on how he went about fixing the Centurion.  Looking at Simon's tutorial is essential to understanding what I've done.  I did not opt to narrow the shoulders, and I added the piece removed from the feet to the bottom of the siege drill piece. This added a bit of extra height.  I opted not to make new leg armor, but uses groin armor plates as kneepads.  I extended the hydraulics with some sections of styrene tubing.

But most importantly, I took the underslung heavy bolters and made them into pistols.

Kind of like this

or this
or this

Here's the back side of them.

And a close up of the leg extensions.

Next, I'll be removing the iconography from the right shoulder pads, and adding my small 3d printed raven symbols, cleaning up those ugly mold lines and getting these ready for a coat of black primer.

Let me know what you think in the comments. 


  1. I like the centurions as they are, but I like your conversion very much!

    Keep going fello raven guarder!! ;)

  2. Nice work - something that needed to happen!

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