Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Counts as Leman Russ (the tank)

Welcome to another post where I showcase a design in progress for my new Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Regiment.  The forces raised on Dagob 4-H are a hardy resourceful folk, and they aren't the type to ask for help.  They prefer to solve problems on their own.  And when it comes to things involving the Dagobian swamps, they particularly enjoy seeing the results of when people ignore their advice.

It wasn't long after the first new and improved starport was built that some settling was noticed.  Something that the Imperial Engineers had said was impossible.  The locals had advised the builders to use less material, but had been ignored.  Within a hundred years, the starport landing pads with a height of 50 meters above sea level were awash with the tides.

The first commissars declared the world unfit for training new armored regiments and had the first battalions shipped to Cadia where they promptly learned how little the Cadians knew of swamps.  The Dagobians did admire the Chimera and Leman Russ tank, but felt that "It just won't work, ya know."  When the first battalions returned, they practiced their maneuvers on the relatively solid ground of the starport and garrison.  The commissars raged at them for fearing to take the Emperor's finest into a silly swamp.  And they complained that the drivers were unsure of their skills and kept some distance from each other to avoid collisions.  Finally, the battalion commander relented with a sigh and "It just won't work, ya know."

This is how the vibrations of the battalion of tanks all in close order turned the once solid ground into a soup-like consistency.  The mighty vehicles struggled for a few additional meters and shuddered to a halt.  Without the vibrations of the hundreds of vehicles, the ground solidified and trapped the battalion, in perfect formation a few hundred meters from the starport.  As time went on, they slowly sunk below the surface, but Imperial pilots still use the sunken formation as a navigational reference as they approach the starport.

In response, the Dagobians, took one of their heavy crawlers and mounted a gun in place of the crane.  Later versions would become what you see below.  It is as wide as a Leman Russ with sponsons and it has tracks that are twice as wide and 1.5 times the length on the ground, greatly reducing the ground pressure.  By placing all of the crew in the hull, the weight was reduced without sacrificing protection.  These vehicles are rare and treasured by Dagobian Regiments.  Once lost they are replaced by the standard Leman Russ tanks.

This is the tank hull and main gun.  I used the Stryker MGS as inspiration for the turret.

Here you can see the front hull mounted weapon, a low profile remote turret, and the two rear mounted, sponson type, remote turrets.  All are mocked up with heavy bolters currently. 

Here you can see the rear doors and engine exhausts
And a frontal view.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.  I'll be printing one up soon if I don't get too distracted by the release of 8th edition.


  1. Well, if it turns out like the not-chimera, it'll be worth the effort.

  2. Thanks Zzzzzz! I think you'll like it. I'm printing the main turret and tracks as I type. Expect a post showcasing the prototype soon.