Monday, June 19, 2017

Review of the 83rd Catachan's Motor Pool

Col Trakken was able to take a Valkyrie and view the 83rd Catachan's motor pool today.  Here are some picture's his aide was able to take.

It appears a Space Marine and Dreadnought were visiting the motor pool while the Colonel flew over. The aide was assured that the Catachan Demolition Specialist was not a saboteur, however suspicious it is to be seen with a demo charge in a motor pool.

The maintenance chief, as the greasy and surprisingly unaugmented and burly enginseer introduced himself, noted that the lasgun arrays on the "chimeragators", or just "gators", were being repaired and would be reinstalled soon.  Also, the hatches were being requisitioned from a nearby Cadian regiment that had "extras".  The tracks on 3 of the vehicles had recently been overhauled and would be reinstalled within the week. Lastly the arctic camouflage would be replaced and the Lemonstre tank would be returned to swamp camouflage as soon as the Cadians received a new paint shipment.

Colonel Trakken turned to his aide and asked "Tell me again why this "regiment" from Dagobah is called the 83rd Catachan?"

The aide replied "It's Dagob 4-H sir."

The Colonel spoke "What?"

The aide replied softer "The planet they came from, it's Dagob 4-H sir.  I think the papers you saw may have been smudged." 

Trakken sighed.  "Fine.  Now explain why they are mustered under a Catachan designation."

The aide brightened. "Oh, that's easy sir.  You see after the last campaign, they were in desperate need of supplies to rearm and refit.  The Master Gunnery Sergeant went to the Departmento Munitorum Officer and requested supplies.  Luckily, the old CO had been tagging along and he was able to drag the Master Guns away before he could murder "that slimy little slug turd" as Master Guns put it.  As they were walking away, the old CO noticed a pile of supplies that was overflowing from its warehouse.  He sent Sergeant Barker to ask the DM officer who that gear was for, hoping to perhaps speak with their CO and help the regiment.  Sergeant Barker came back and said, quite characteristically. 'It just won't work' then he added a 'sir'  and before the Master Gunnery Sergeant could launch him across the supply yard with a backhand, he continued 'Those perfectly good supplies are for the perfectly and totally annihilated 83rd Catachan.'.

So you see, they continued walking on for a bit, when the old CO asked 'So what is the Departmento Munitorium regulation on merging regiments?'

Well, the Master Guns replied, 'Well sir, they don't rightly say, sometimes the larger unit name is kept, but sometimes its the regiment with the longest lineage.'

Then the CO asked 'Didn't we get Private Carl on loan from the 83rd Catachan?'

Then the Master Gunnery Sergeant got a wide smile on his face...'Carl, with the head wound, yes, sir, I believe we have some paperwork on that.'

Then the CO says, 'Good.  Return Carl to the 83rd, have him promoted, to say Lieutenant, and then send him my request to merge our two understrength regiments.  I'll defer and allow his unit name to be kept as long as our battle honors are transferred.  Since he is incapacitated, you may need to get someone to sign the orders for him.  Then after you get our insignia made, go get our supplies Master Sergeant.'

The Master Sergeant he just replies, 'Aye Aye Sir!'  and that was how it happened.

Colonel Trakken laughed.

I hope you enjoyed the flyby of the 83rd Catachan.


  1. Brilliant, Mr S ! The fluff and the tanks !

  2. Hahahahaha perfect!!!!

  3. Hah! Fantastic tanks and fluff, man - I may have to steal that munitorum madness for my Dark Heresy RPG game. :)

  4. Steal away! Thanks for the comments!

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