Thursday, June 15, 2017

Roll Call!

*****Confidential and Sensitive Communication*****
*****If you are not the intended recipient, please turn yourself in for summary execution.****

Colonel Trakken,
  As I promised when we met on the battlefield, your courage and leadership on that day will be rewarded.  You will find attached your promotion to full Colonel.  In addition, I have found a regiment for you to lead.
   You will have to accept my apology, but I due to recent events, I was not able to source a "fresh troop of he finest Cadians" for you to lead.  But I know you will agree that these men need your leadership even more. 
  They are a misfit bunch from a forgettable swamp planet. Dagobah or Dagob 4-H or something.  They have a strange manner and their uniforms are unconventional to say the least.  In my younger days, I'd have sent them all to penal legions and reeducation regiments.  However, experience has taught me to focus on results, and this band of misfits is nothing short of astonishing.  I'll let you view the records yourself, but of particular note is their mission accomplishment rate.  Flawless.
  You might be asking what commissars allow would allow such deviant behavior.  By some administrative foul-up, they haven't been assigned any replacements for over 2 years.  Their record in that time, flawless, with zero disciplinary issues.  When my orderlies asked how it was possible, they pointed to a burly and grizzled enlisted man wearing the an archaic rank insignia of a Master Gunnery Sergeant.  The troopers spoke with fear and awe of the silent warrior, who performed a similar role to a Lord Commissar.  He was aided by others with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, which in this regiment is only gained with the approval of the Master Gunnery Sergeant and Commanding Officer.  But above all, they must have shown exceptional bravery under fire and be amongst the best fighters in the regiment.
  I'll leave it to you to decide if you will leave this strange arrangement in place.  Should you decide to request commissar replacements, I will approve your request without hesitation.
  Recent events also means you will have to make do with the regiment's current motor pool.  My adjutant reports they have some sort of amphibious transport, similar to a Chimera, but specialized for swamps that they call an Alligator.  They also have some other indigenous armored vehicles, including something they claim is equivalent to a Leman Russ.  Regardless, it's all you have until we can get this Cadia situation handled.  I'll put you on the top of the list for the next shipment of Leman Russ tanks and Chimeras from Mars.

Below you'll find the rest of the Roll Call.  Good luck Colonel.  The Imperium is counting on you.

11 Officers (Ranks too obscure to decipher)
2 Medics
11 Communication Specialists with Vox-casters
2 Standard Bearers
10 Flamer and 2 Heavy Flamer troopers
5 Melta-Gunners
4 Plasma Gunners
6 Demolitionmen
4 Mortar Teams
4 Lascannon Teams
2 Heavy Bolter Teams
1 Missile Launcher Team
1 Autocannon Team
65 troopers many of whom claim to be veterans.

signed Captain General Tiberius

****end transmission****


  1. Now THAT was funny and awesome!

  2. Kev, is that a TO&E extract from an IRL unit ?

    1. Zzzzzz, I got a good deal on a bunch of Catachans, so it's just an inventory. I'll be posting up an actual army list as soon as my index arrives.

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