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Taurox, Swampified.

Hey, glad to see you stopped by.   I just got done showing the Colonel the "Taurox" light infantry carriers and I'd be glad to show you as well.  One Warning:  They've been 'swampified'.

Yikes...  I tried to get out of the picture, but this demo pack is really heavy.

Before you ask, the barrels are plugged to keep the spray out.  (I will drill them later, maybe.)  You see the Colonel asked for a light armored vehicle, and called it a Taurox.  We borrowed one from the Cadian 127th and brought it to our motor pool.  After a few hours of shaking our heads and saying "It just won't work.", Ollie, one of our more instinctive enginseers... said, "Why don't we put that top on one of our Air Cushion Patrol Craft?"

Well we hemmed and hawwed for a bit then decided, what the heck, as long as we were careful with the patrol craft, its not like it was our Taurox.  

It was after Ollie nearly got shot by Joseph as he tested the autocannon, that they decided that having guns behind passenger doors was a bad idea.  We were hoping to get a heavy stubber up top, but all we could find was a storm bolter some Space Marine had left lying around as he was lifting a crate for us.

Not again!


So, I've been wanting to design another vehicle for my Swamp Guard, and now that I have my new Index, I thought "What about a Taurox Hovercraft?"

I took the dimensions and began by modeling this:

I think it keeps some of the Taurox character while incorporating some of this:

And here is what it looks like before and after painting.  

Oh, and don't worry the fans are on their way.  I'll be using 40mm computer cooling fans. 
As always, I truly appreciate your comments and thanks again for stopping by.


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