Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Swamp Regiment's Alligator APC

So, as hinted at in the previous post, I have been diligently working on the APC to replace the Chimera in my new Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Regiment. 

Being from a Swamp Planet, Dagob 4-H to be exact, they have had to adapt exploration and agricultural vehicles to equip their regiments.  It's said the first battalion of Leman Russ tanks is still resting, in perfect formation, buried in meters of muck just a few hundred yards from the edge of the rockcrete surface of the main starport.

Below you can see a rendering of it.
The Alligator APC is a development of the General Purpose Agricultural, Terraforming and Rescue Vehicle or Gp-ATR.  The Gp-ATR is a lightweight open topped vehicle used to travel to various agricultural mega crawlers that roam the extensive marshlands of Dagob 4-H.  The waters of Dagob 4-H are so rich in nutrients that not only is a significant portion used for hydro-cultivation of rice and other foods, but it was once canned and sent with troops as soup.  It was not popular, but drinking the waters of Dagob 4-H is not harmful.*

Below you can see a few prototypes.  The one on the right was selected for production.  The turret sizes were adjusted after this version.

Once I get some tracks on it I'll get some paint and a few better*** pictures up.  What do you think so far?

*As the 1st regiment that was issued "soup" was killed by an errant artillery barrage of propaganda leaflets**, it is uncertain if drinking soup will have lasting harmful effects.

** The Master of Ordinance choose to mix High Explosive shells into the barrage of morale boosting, signed and individually serialized, ministorium approved, metal foil impregnated, limited edition, collectable posters of famous commissars to ensure a wider distribution of the leaflets.  Sadly the leaflets were nearly all destroyed.  Many of the leaflets that survived were used to bandage wounds where the metal foil proved to have an unfortunate toxic effect.

***I'll let you be the judge of what exactly better means.


  1. That's fab. Are they cast or printed ?

  2. They are 3d printed. I had some support material removal issues, but my next one should be in better shape. If it continues, I may print the wheels and drive sprocket separately.

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