Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Major Hellstrom and Mortar Training

Good day to you.  May I introduce my new Company Commander, Major Hellstrom:

Major Hellstrom has procured a powerfist he calls the "Hand of Experience", and a plasma pistol the he calls "Respect"   Major Hellstrom enjoys showing his enemies respect.  Often.  At very close range.  He is modeled with his ever present coffee cup and cigar.  His command squad set up a makeshift table with a vehicle hatch and three Catachan Long Knives.  With the loss of a mandatory command squad, it was important that the Major be provisioned with sufficient coffee for the duration of the battle.

It is hard to see in the image above, but the main colors for the army will be identical to the vehicles, with grey tops and dark green pants.  Issued gear shall normally be an olive green.

In addition to the Major joining the ranks, Col Trakken and an unnamed sergeant were photographed supervising the training of the 5 heavy weapon squads armed with mortars.

The small silver disks on the 60mm bases are magnets.  There are magnets on the 25mm bases and the second person for each Heavy Weapon Team is mounted to a steel washer.  This allows them not only to be used as an integral wound counter, but they could be deployed separately in the rare case that Col Trakken didn't want to have 15D6 STR 4 shots with a 48" range and no line of sight required for a scant 135 points.

Observant visitors will notice the classic 1990's citadel colour enchanted blue paint pot.  Yes, I am still able to use it, long after many of my more recent purchases have dried up.

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