Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Roll Call for the 83rd Catachan and Painting Progress

I did it.  I finally sat down and broke up my pile of Catachan's and their vehicles into a set of legal squads for 8th edition.  At the same time, I went and noted the painting level of each of the units in a handy dandy excel spreadsheet.

While everything on the sheet makes sense to me now, I may add some more detail and a legend later.  The dark green are models I've painted and are based and sealed.  Light green are models that I acquired painted, based and sealed.  They look a little different.  Yellow means they have a splash of paint on them.  Red models are at best, primer black, at worst bare metal or plastic.

We have:
  • Straken
  • Harker
  • Ministorium Priest
  • Lord Commissar
  • 3x Company Commanders
  • 5x Platoon Commanders
  • 4x Command Squads
  • 8x Infantry Squads
  • 3x Special Weapon Squads
  • 6x Heavy Weapon Squads
  • 2x Veteran Squads
  • 1x Rough Rider Squad
  • 3x Gator-Counts as Chimeras
  • 3x Hover Taurox
  • 2x Le Monstre Tanks-counts as Leman Russ Battle Tank
  • 1x Hell Roller-counts as Hellhound
For a total of 168 Power Level and somewhere around 3000-3500 points.

I better get painting.

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  1. Ha ! I saw this and thought of you - https://www.facebook.com/marines/videos/10154507141760194/