Eldar Aegis Defense Line

When the Aegis Defense Line came out, I decided I would try and come up with an Eldar version of it. 

My first concept was quite simple:

With PowerPoint, I drew two pylons and a power field.  Next I took some foamboard and some plexiglass and made my very first prototype.

Taking the cues from my first attempt, I decided to try and sculpt the pylons out of clay.  I used the type of clay that can be baked to cure it.  My first sculpt was rather basic.  I planned to make one good pylon and then cast up all the others I might need.  I had actually never done any resin casting prior to this point, but this seemed like a good project for it.

I continued to work at it and eventually baked my rough sculpt.  I then was able to use a dremel tool to help shape the pylon and add the distinctive cut panel look as found on most Eldar vehicles.  I actually added more clay and baked the clay at least none more time.  The works, but the last layer was more fragile.

I couldn't get the smoothness I wanted, so I eventually resorted to paint and then some greenstuff.  There was more dremel use and hand smoothing also.  When I had a pylon that I thought would work, I also gave it a nice gloss clearcoat spray to help when casting it.
I was very excited to be casting resin, so I took lots of pictures and posted them on this blog, here


Here we can see the first finished pylon

And here is a completed section of defense line

Then it was time to make a whole bunch more.
I cut my plexiglass and started to compare my set with the Imperial Aegis Defense Line.

Unfortunately, my long section was just a bit longer than the Imperial one, although they both made about the same size enclosed area.
I decided to paint it up in my alaitoc paint scheme snd build a Icarus Lascannon and Quad Gun.  I used D-Cannons as the base and added a pulse laser and scatter lasers, respectively.
I used a Tamiya Clear Blue for the power fields.  It had a high alcohol content making it dry super fast.

I then began working on the second set. 


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